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We fall, we scrape, we bump and bruise ourselves—accidents occur every day. Having knowledge of First-Aid procedures will not only better equip you in the case of an unexpected emergency but also could mean the difference between life and death. Throughout this course, we will teach and show basic First-Aid procedures. At the end of the course, you’ll be tested on your knowledge and have the peace of mind of knowing you may be able to help someone in need.

First Aid Certification Course provides first-class training to any kind of student at a low price.

Process Steps

OPTION A: 1. Complete application on GoVetted app or website 2. Pay for vetting registration to receive access link/code to American National CPR & First Aid Training website 3. Applicant completes viewing of training videos 4. Applicant completes CPR & First Aid test; must have 70% of answers correct to pass 5. 2-year Certificate is awarded.

OPTION B: 1. Visit website searching for CPR and/or First Aid training for certification 2. Pay registration fee for selected certification(s) 3. Receive access to American National CPR and/or First Aid Training video(s) 4. Student completes viewing of training video(s) 5. Student completes CPR and/or First Aid test; must have 70% of answers correct to pass 6. 2-year Certificate is awarded.


Course Curriculum

First Aid Certification Guide 00:00:00
First Aid Certification Quiz 00:10:00
  • $14.95
  • 30 Days
  • Course Certificate



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